Template “American Bow”

Template “American Bow”
The templates  are  presented  here for creating  three -dimensional  bows  made of white  flexible  polyethylene (PET) produced in Finland (1 mm thickness) and contain the markup which helps you  to  lay a ribbon correctly.  Follow our  instruction  in the photo and it helps you  to assemble  the product step by step. Their flexibility allows  to remove the product easily without damaging  it. The terms of use and storage are not limited.
Art.603. Set of templates “American bow”.

Art.603. Set of templates “American bow”.

The  set  contains  templates of 4 sizes  for working with ribbons from 15 to ..

150.00грн. Ex Tax: 150.00грн.

Art.675.  Set of Template «Cheer».

Art.675. Set of Template «Cheer».

The set of templates  is used  for  creating bows made of ribbons, which i..

20.00грн. Ex Tax: 20.00грн.