Ribbons "Hand Made"

 Ribbons "Hand Made"
Here are presented silk with satin edge and rep double tapes with the print "Hand Made". The idea of ​​this tape to emphasize for the client the value of the product made by hand, and therefore its originality and uniqueness.
The inscription on the tape alternates with uppercase and lowercase letters.
The application is made by screen printing technology (silk-screen printing) with the use of water-based paints, which are processed by temperature fixation.
This allows you to wash the tape at a temperature of 30 degrees C.
Approximately 29-30 inscriptions are printed on one meter.
You can buy the tape from one meter.
Art 675 Set of Template «Cheer»

Art 675 Set of Template «Cheer»

The set of templates is used for creating bows made of ribbons, which is made of transpar..

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