• Ribbon thermal cutter for voltage 220 V 50 Hz

Ribbon thermal cutter for voltage 220 V 50 Hz

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What kind of a device is presented? The device  is used  for making  different petals   in the technique of kanzashi , it is especially good for multi – layer petal.
While cutting off all the layers of petals you can get soldered petal immediately. This process can be replaced with the scissors, cigarette lighter or candle( but in this case the edge of them is a little bit  sooty and waxy moreover it is impossible to cut off all the layers smoothly. The  lighter  as well as a candle solders one side a bit more  and the other less  that is why the flip side turns to be not neat.
 Do not forget  about the metal patterns while working on the device   with fabric and  the patterns. You have a unique opportunity  to cut off the extra  from the layer getting  the smooth and neat edge immediately. That is impossible to do using a lighter or a candle.
The color of the slice on the product will always be the same color as the selected  fabric  color as the selected fabric  without soot and  black  plaque.
The device is designed  for cutting tapes and any other synthetic materials. There are 2 modes  of operation: cutting ( without damage and yellowing o the tissue on the cut and solder ( it allows to solder many layers of material). It is manufactured in black and white case and has long operation mode. Power is 18 W. Size: 15*50*130 mm. The height of studs is 60 mm. The working aria width is 100 mm. Weight is 700 g. Warranty – 1 year. 

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